Saturday, 25 May 2013

Wedding Dress Restrictions in Catholic Churches

Weddings are serious occasions and among the most important days of many couples. Different cultures have their different ways of having a wedding ceremony and there are many traditions and practices that are observed in each of them.

In the Philippines, the most common type of weddings are Catholic weddings since majority of its population are Catholics. For Catholics, weddings can only be performed by a Catholic priest in a church like the San Agustin Church which is why Catholics cannot have their wedding ceremony outdoors.

Among the particulars in most Catholic weddings is the wedding dress or bridal gown. The restrictions when it comes to the attire of the wedding entourage vary from one Catholic church to another. While some churches like the Santuario de San Antonio specify what can and cannot be worn, there are some churches that allow any kind of wedding dress.

For those who would like to have basic knowledge of what is usually acceptable as a wedding dress and those who want a safe choice when it comes to their wedding gown, below are some of the styles that are best avoided as much as possible.

·         Backless gowns. Even if it is a very modest gown if viewed from the front of the dress, a backless gown is often not recommended for Catholic weddings. Some degree of exposure may be acceptable to the church where you plan to get married if the dress is not too low at the back. The best remedy is to have a shawl, jacket, or bolero that you can wear to cover up your back. You can just simply remove the wrap during the wedding reception.

·         Plunging necklines. Gowns and dresses that have very low necklines are best left at the rack in the shop. Some churches only allow certain types of necklines for the wedding gown and a V-plunging neckline is definitely not included in such lists. If you happen to buy your wedding gown before knowing of this restriction, just ask a sewer to make a small covering for the chest area.

·         Strapless gowns. In some churches, strapless dresses and tops are actually discouraged even during regular masses. Again, the best solution is to have a shawl, jacket, or bolero that you can use to cover up. You may also have a sewer create some detachable sleeves so that your shoulders and arms can be covered. Just remove these materials at the wedding reception if you wish to.

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